We only truly live through the heart.

Welcome, Lightworker!

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Events to come…

Mar 2nd (Parc des expo du Bassin d’Arcachon) Conference, then Book signing

Mar 22nd-24th (Paris) Take Action with the Angels

Mar 31st (Toulouse) Conference, then Book signing

Apr 11th (New Caledonia) An Angel Party!

Apr 12th-14th (New Caledonia) Take Action with the Angels

Apr 16th-17th (New Caledonia) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Apr 19th-21st (New Caledonia) Angelic Co-Creation

Apr 22nd-24th (New Caledonia) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Apr 25th-26th (New Caledonia) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

May 17th-19th (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

May 23rd (Mios) An Angel Party!

May 24th-26th (Mios) Take Action with the Angels

Jun 1st-2nd (Lausanne, Suisse) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

Jun 21st-23rd (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

Aug 3rd-6th (Paris) Manna Initiation

(Complete agenda here.)


Reiki (霊気) re-aligns one with one’s true path, source and spirit.

What is Reiki? Here is an excerpt from The Reiki Sourcebook by Bronwen and Frans Stiene.

Here is also an article by Kathryn (originally from her blog): "WHAT IS REIKI and WHY I TEACH IT".

Kathryn Hudson, Reiki Master (Usui Reiki Ryōhō lineage), offers individual sessions and Reiki initiations (Levels I, II, and III) for small groups, also on demand.


Reiki practice nights

Kathryn proposes Reiki practice nights for her students a regularly as possible.

Individual Sessions

Kathryn Hudson, Reiki Master, offers individual sessions, by appointment (contact her).

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