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Events to come…

Mar 2nd (Parc des expo du Bassin d’Arcachon) Conference, then Book signing

Mar 22nd-24th (Paris) Take Action with the Angels

Mar 31st (Toulouse) Conference, then Book signing

Apr 11th (New Caledonia) An Angel Party!

Apr 12th-14th (New Caledonia) Take Action with the Angels

Apr 16th-17th (New Caledonia) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Apr 19th-21st (New Caledonia) Angelic Co-Creation

Apr 22nd-24th (New Caledonia) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Apr 25th-26th (New Caledonia) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

May 17th-19th (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

May 23rd (Mios) An Angel Party!

May 24th-26th (Mios) Take Action with the Angels

Jun 1st-2nd (Lausanne, Suisse) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

Jun 21st-23rd (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

Aug 3rd-6th (Paris) Manna Initiation

(Complete agenda here.)


Kathryn Hudson (contact) offers a Manna Initiation 4 days workshop, in Brittany, France, and in Emerald Isle (NC USA).

Kathryn is an Irish and American national, formed as a MANNA Teacher by Christine Day in Brazil. Kathryn, who lives in Paris, teaches MANNA in Europe - and now in the US - with joy. She also works as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™ (certified by Doreen Virtue) and as a Reiki teacher/master (International House of Reiki).

version française ici