We only truly live through the heart.

Welcome, Lightworker!

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Events to come…

Jul 7th-9th (Paris) Take Action with the Angels

Jul 14th-16th (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

Jul 19th (Paris) An Angel Party!

Jul 24th-25th (Paris) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Jul 26th-27th (Paris) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Jul 28th-30th (Paris) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Aug 1st-4th (Paris) Manna Initiation

Oct 5th (New Caledonia) An Angel Party!

Oct 7th-9th (New Caledonia) Take Action with the Angels

Oct 10th-11th (New Caledonia) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Oct 14th-16th (New Caledonia) Angelic Co-Creation

Oct 17th-18th (New Caledonia) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Oct 20th-22nd (New Caledonia) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Oct 24th-25th (New Caledonia) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

Oct 28th (Tahiti) An Angel Party!

Oct 29th (Tahiti) Fairy Day

Nov 3rd-5th (Tahiti) Take Action with the Angels

(Complete agenda here.)

Feedback on Reiki Individual Sessions and Workshops/Initiations

Reiki Shoden and Okuden

The calling for Reiki brought me to Kathryn and it couldn’t have been a better teacher in whose guidance I find myself.

The teaching style is happy, lofty and practice-oriented leaving you with a vast knowledge

— Babette, Cannes

The REIKI initiation was a very powerful time in a few ways.

First, it was pleasant 2 days in a very small group (which I appreciated a lot) in an ambiance of serenity, love, and simplicity.

I was a little “shaken up” but I feel different. I have advanced on my path towards “Zen” with the inner peace and joy that I would like to have spill out from my being.

Thank you for these magic hours and marvelous discoveries which invite me to even more stretching.

— Christine, Cannes

I offer you deep and profound thanks for these two days of REIKI class.

Thank you… I feel a great expansion and an increased desire to follow my path towards mySelf and the potential of my gifts of healing sessions and openness towards others.

— Pierrette, Paris

I have just finished my Shoden, first level Usui Reiki Ryoho training with Kathryn Hudson and I couldn’t be more grateful. Kathryn’s teaching style is fluid and organic. She puts you at ease as she gently, and I’d say intuitively, guides you through the lessons and exercises. She is always mindful of her students needs and allows for interaction and inclusion while honoring the traditional source material. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful, loving, and compassionately invested teacher!

— Dru, North Carolina

Reiki Shinpiden

These three dayswere a source of emotion for me, of marvel and of joy. The fact that I now am a Reiki Master is a great honor.

I respect you greatly (Kathryn) as you are a practitioner with a big heart, always making sure to share with humility when you teach.

Thank you for your warm welcome (as ever), your humor, your sharing and your permanent attention to transmitting knowledge and practices with attention to the lineage to which we belong.

I am very, very happy to have done this training with you.

— Pascale, Paris

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