We only truly live through the heart.

Welcome, Lightworker!

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Events to come…

Jul 7th-9th (Paris) Take Action with the Angels

Jul 14th-16th (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

Jul 19th (Paris) An Angel Party!

Jul 24th-25th (Paris) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Jul 26th-27th (Paris) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Jul 28th-30th (Paris) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Aug 1st-4th (Paris) Manna Initiation

Oct 5th (New Caledonia) An Angel Party!

Oct 7th-9th (New Caledonia) Take Action with the Angels

Oct 10th-11th (New Caledonia) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Oct 14th-16th (New Caledonia) Angelic Co-Creation

Oct 17th-18th (New Caledonia) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Oct 20th-22nd (New Caledonia) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Oct 24th-25th (New Caledonia) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

Oct 28th (Tahiti) An Angel Party!

Oct 29th (Tahiti) Fairy Day

Nov 3rd-5th (Tahiti) Take Action with the Angels

(Complete agenda here.)

Feedback (on Manna Workshops)

Manna Initiation

There are not words enough to express my gratitude for these magical, extraordinary moments that we lived with you.

You afforded us the possibility to welcome the energy of MANNA, integrating this energy of Light within us. You provided us with many keys which will allow us to access freedom and our own Light. You, in concert with the brotherhood of Light touched points necessary for our healing, pointing to the spaces which can be painful but which need to be released.

These are intense and dense experiences which are rare, and thanks to you, your Love, you brought us this gift os inestimable value, one which I will never forget.

— Laurence, Brittany

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