We only truly live through the heart.

Welcome, Lightworker!

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Events to come…

Aug 28th-Sep 1st (The Haven) Self-care week at The Haven

Sep 14th (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Sep 16th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Sep 18th-22nd (The Haven) Take Action with the Angels

Sep 25th-29th (The Haven) Angelic Co-Creation

Oct 9th-13th (The Haven) Soul’s Mission — Life Purpose

Oct 14th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Oct 17th-18th (The Haven) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Oct 19th (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Oct 20th-21st (The Haven) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Oct 23rd-25th (The Haven) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Nov 11th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Nov 16th (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Dec 8th (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Dec 9th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

(Complete agenda here.)

Fairy Day


A time apart to learn exercises that foster direct connection with the energies/spirits of Nature, the fairies.

Learning put into practice and then sharing ensure a day rich in new experiences!

Next scheduled sessions

None for now, contact me?


Time: 8:30 am to 1:30 pm

Don’t hesitate to contact Kathryn with any questions you may have.

Fairy Day

Since the dawn of time, humans and fairies have been co-guardians of the Earth.

Humans have largely forgotten this role, especially in Western civilization.

Fairies have not.

Fairy Days are outings in Nature designed to encourage and set the stage for interactions with the energies of Nature some would call fairies.

Before bringing a group to a place, Kathryn ventures there beforehand, asking permission of the spirits present, and determining if the space is appropriate for such contact.

Therefore when she brings the group (limited in number, for obvous reasons) to that spot in Nature, at a time where few others would be around, chances are optimized for individual connections.

A channel-opening meditation begins the day, followed by exercises gleaned from Findhorn in Scotland, the Spiritual center/ecovillage founded more than 50 years ago on human-fairy collaboration. This work sets the table for individual connection, during which each participant goes into Nature with the intention to communicate.

We finish the day with a picnic by sharing our experiences and creating bonds of friendship through this unique experience.

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