We only truly live through the heart.

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Events to come…

Sep 19th (Paris) Reiki Practice Night

Sep 21st-22nd (Paris) Transformation Group Game

Sep 30th-Oct 1st (Paris) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Oct 2nd-3rd (Paris) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Oct 4th-6th (Paris) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Oct 12th (Paris) Book signing

Oct 12th (Paris) An Angel Party!

Oct 19th-20th (Paris) Crystal Days (I & II)

Oct 24th (Paris) Reiki Practice Night

Oct 25th-28th (Paris) Reiki Retreat offered by Frans Stiene, with French translation by Kathryn Hudson

Nov 20th-22nd (Paris) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Nov 21st (Paris) Reiki Practice Night

Nov 23rd-24th (Paris) Transformation Group Game

Dec 12th-14th (Paris) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Dec 28th-29th (Paris) Transformation Group Game

Jan 4th-5th (NY) Transformation Group Game

Feb 15th-16th (Paris) Crystal Days (I & II)

Feb 17th-18th (Paris) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Feb 19th-20th (Paris) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Feb 21st-23rd (Paris) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Mar 14th-15th (Paris) Transformation Group Game

Mar 20th-22nd (Paris) Take Action with the Angels

Apr 1st (Roquemaure - Tarn) An Angel Party!

Apr 3rd-5th (Roquemaure - Tarn) Take Action with the Angels

(Complete agenda here.)

Angelic Co-Creation


This 3-day workshop, a follow-on the TAKE ACTION WITH THE ANGELS, invites us to step wholly into our power as creators: of our lives and of the world as we would like to see it. To step into our gifts, allowing them to flow more and more naturally, to co-create with the Angels the life we desire. In sacred circle, surrounded and supported by the our Angels and the Archangels, in this powerful natural ocean environment, we will walk (or dance or run or swim) together towards Who We Are, Truly, towards our Joy and towards service to ourselves, to others, and to the Earth.

Our work together will move in waves of action and integration, movement and silence, learning and echoing the movement of the ocean. We will practice the tools of TAKE ACTION WITH THE ANGELS and learn the subtle energy work of Angelic Healing sessions.

With follow-on individual work, certification as an Angelic Healing Practitioner™ awaits you.

Next scheduled sessions

None for now, contact me?


Take Action with the Angels


Duration: 3 days

Time: 10 am to 5:30 pm

Don’t hesitate to contact Kathryn with any questions you may have.

Angelic Co-Creation (follow-on to )

At once INTENSE and restful, this workshop allows for and supports the natural in-breath and out-breath that is required for true growth. It is inspired to allow us to cross the line between our humanity and our Light more and more easily, until the lines is blurred, then erased.

In this way, we can more easily access the guidance wisdom and Love of the angels who accompany our every step - if we invite them along! Our work is inspired by the angelic realm to ensure our continuing transformation, our personal and planetary evolution.

Arriving on Sunday night and settling in with the ocean (for the US trainings), the small group will begin working on Monday morning, opening and reviewing tools already learned and moving towards new openings.

This within the circle as without, in our Light-filled workspace and outside on the beach in early morning or evening times, with the pelicans and dolphins and all the other (few) inhabitants of this island space in Autumn.

THREE days of training is followed by an optional (free) day Thursday / free Bonus night Thursday for those who wish to leave on Friday), all to step into Who We Are Truly in co-creative relationship with the Angels. With our Angels and the Archangels (and with and/or without your "Angel" cards), we will move towards co-creating Angelic Healing sessions for ourselves and for others.

With follow-on individual work, certification as an Angelic Healing Practitioner™ awaits you.

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