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Events to come…

Jun 1st-2nd (The Haven) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Jun 8th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Jun 8th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Jun 8th-9th (The Haven) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Jun 13th (Saint-Georges-de-Didonne) Conference, then Book signing

Jun 14th-16th (The Haven) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Jun 15th (Jonzac) Conference, then Book signing

Jun 27th (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Jul 1st-5th (The Haven) Take Action with the Angels

Jul 8th-12th (The Haven) Angelic Co-Creation

Jul 18th (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Jul 20th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Jul 20th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Aug 5th-9th (The Haven) Transformation Week Group Game

Aug 10th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Aug 19th-23rd (The Haven) A Week of Inspired Writing

Aug 26th-30th (The Haven) Self-care week at The Haven

Sep 14th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Sep 14th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Sep 21st (Librairie Pégase à Bordeaux) Conference, then Book signing

Oct 11th-13th (The Haven) A Long Week-End of Inspired Writing

Oct 18th-19th (The Haven) Reiki Shoden (Level I)

Oct 20th-21st (The Haven) Reiki Okuden (Level II)

Oct 22nd-24th (The Haven) Reiki Shinpiden (Level III)

Oct 25th-27th (The Haven) Three-day Reiki Retreat

Mar 24th-28th (The Haven) Take Action with the Angels

Mar 31st-Apr 4th (The Haven) Angelic Co-Creation

Apr 7th-11th (The Haven) Angel Retreat

(Complete agenda here.)

March 31st-April 4th, 2025
Angelic Co-Creation

The Haven for 5 days

Stage de formation vers une CERTIFICATION en tant que PRATICIEN·NE DE SOINS ANGÉLIQUES (PSA), à The Haven. Contacter Kathryn

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This 5-day workshop, a follow-on the TAKE ACTION WITH THE ANGELS, invites us to step wholly into our power as creators: of our lives and of the world as we would like to see it. To step into our gifts, allowing them to flow more and more naturally, to co-create with the Angels the life we desire. In sacred circle, surrounded and supported by the our Angels and the Archangels, in this powerful natural ocean environment, we will walk (or dance or run or swim) together towards Who We Are, Truly, towards our Joy and towards service to ourselves, to others, and to the Earth.

Our work together will move in waves of action and integration, movement and silence, learning and echoing the movement of the ocean. We will practice the tools of TAKE ACTION WITH THE ANGELS and learn the subtle energy work of Angelic Healing sessions.

With follow-on individual work, certification as an Angelic Healing Practitioner™ awaits you.

Complete practical information


Take Action with the Angels


March 31st-April 4th, 2025 (for 5 days)


The Haven

47 avenue de la République, 17240 Saint-Ciers-du-Taillon, France

(by car, to park: 14 rue du Moulin de la Fuie)


500 €

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