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Apr 3rd (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Apr 3rd (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

Apr 10th (Internet) A Virtual Crystal Party!

Apr 10th (Internet) A Virtual Crystal Party!

Apr 17th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

Apr 17th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

May 1st (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

May 1st (Internet) Virtual Reiki Practice

May 8th (Internet) A Virtual Crystal Party!

May 8th (Internet) A Virtual Crystal Party!

May 8th-9th (Paris) Opening to Elementals

May 14th-16th (Mulhouse) Take Action with the Angels

May 15th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

May 15th (Internet) A Virtual Angel Party!

May 21st-23rd (Mulhouse) Angelic Co-Creation

Jun 4th-6th (Paris) Take Action with the Angels

Jun 11th-13th (Paris) Angelic Co-Creation

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October 26th-29th, 2018
Reiki Retreat offered by Frans Stiene, with French translation by Kathryn Hudson

Association Adèle Picot for 4 days

« Dans les pas de Mikao Usui ».
Intégrez des pratiques japonaises ésotériques pour vous stimuler et consolider votre pratique Reiki. Pendant quatre jours, immergez-vous dans un profond travail énergétique, avec le soutien des autres étudiant·e·s et de votre enseignant.
Inscription auprès de l’International House of Reiki (IHR) directement en ligne (en anglais). Kathryn Hudson, praticienne et maître-enseignante associée à l’IHR, assurera l’interprétation de liaison vers le français.


Focus on esoteric Japanese practices to stimulate and define your Reiki practise. Immerse yourself in an intense 4 days of deep spiritually energetic work.

Be supported by your fellow students and by the Reiki teacher, Frans Stiene.

This retreat focuses on delving deeper into your Reiki and/or Meditation journey through the practices of Japanese Esoteric meditations and healing techniques.

The retreat is perfect for anyone who is interested in deepening their meditation practice or spiritual journey.

Some of the practices include the whole group, while others are in pairs or in smaller groups - depending on the practice and technique.

These teachings are very unique and not often taught by many modern meditation teachers. Some of these are traced back to the 7th and 8th century Japan, so we will be tapping into ancient Japanese spiritual traditions.

They are:

  • sitting meditation - mindfulness practice, chanting, moving your energy
  • moving meditation - walking meditation for example
  • sitting/moving meditations - old ancient Shinto, Shugendo, and Buddhist practices

Due to Frans' unique journey he often includes some 4000 year old Wu (Chinese: shamanic) practices within these retreats. He was taught these ancient teachings by his late Taoist Master.

Your Teacher, Frans Stiene

Frans Stiene is a Senior Reiki Teacher (also known as Reiki Master) and researcher at the International House of Reiki. He teaches and gives talks annually in North America, Europe, Australia and occasionally Asia. Frans is the co-founder of the International House of Reiki with Bronwen Logan, with whom he also wrote such critically acclaimed books as The Reiki Sourcebook and The Japanese Art of Reiki.

In 2013 Frans Stiene was honoured to have received About.com's Readers' Choice Award for Favourite Reiki Teacher of the Year.

In 2015, he wrote the acclaimed The Inner Heart of Reiki — Rediscovering Your True Self.

More about Frans Stiene.

Complete practical information


Anyone who has studied the system of Reiki


October 26th-29th, 2018 (for 4 days)


Association Adèle Picot

Association Adèle Picot

39 rue Notre-Dame des Champs

75006 Paris

Métros : Montparnasse, Notre-Dame des Champs, Vavin

Si besoin, on peut réserver une chambre sur place (à la maison d'accueil), voir comment et les conditions sur le site de l’association.

Rooms can be booked at the teaching venue. It is not a hotel but a "Maison d'accueil" (hostel). See how (automatic translation from French in English).


595 €

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